dog confined during separation anxiety training

Locking your dog in a room during training? Here’s why your dog may do better with free roam

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / July 12, 2022

A lot of times people want to leave their dog in the bedroom, the kitchen, or a crate during separation anxiety training. Sometimes owners think their dog needs to be confined, especially if they are a puppy. Puppies do tend to chew things and get into all sorts of trouble when they are young. Maybe…

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separation anxiety dog waiting for owner to return

When training a dog with separation anxiety, it’s best to hire a trainer who is certified and specializes in separation anxiety

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / June 27, 2022

Maybe you’re thinking, separation anxiety is no different than any other dog behavior issue. Any dog trainer should know how to help my dog with their separation anxiety. Why do I need to hire a specialist for my dog’s separation anxiety? Separation anxiety dog training has come a long way over the past few years.…

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separation anxiety dog laying on couch during training

It’s always best to stick to the plan when training your separation anxiety dog

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / June 23, 2022

You’re training your dog and wow he’s sleeping! Your target time is 35 minutes. Should you go back? Well he’s sleeping, so maybe I’ll just run the clock and stay outside until he gets up. Maybe you think this would be a good idea, but I’m here to tell you that it isn’t. With separation…

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dog tracking separation anxiety data

Tracking data is key to separation anxiety training success

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / June 14, 2022

Did you grab your keys, put your coat on, how was the weather out, how much exercise did your dog get? Maybe you think these things are insignificant to keep track of when training your separation anxiety dog. But they can make all the difference with being successful or not during your training sessions. Separation…

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Dog separation anxiety solutions that don’t work

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / May 25, 2022

Maybe you were searching online for solutions to your dog’s separation anxiety and just read an advertisement for the latest separation anxiety solution. I’ve compiled a list of things that, despite what the products advertisement says, do not work for your dogs separation anxiety. Separation Anxiety Crate These crates go by a number of different names. It…

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dog home alone separation anxiety training

Dog separation anxiety training – how often should you train?

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / May 16, 2022

Your dog has separation anxiety. You started on separation anxiety training with your dog and it’s going well. Now you’re thinking, how often should I be training him? Separation anxiety training frequency The amount of training you should do depends on your dog. But there are some guidelines you should be following. It’s best to…

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separation anxiety dog training pre departure cues

What are pre-departure cues and do I need to avoid them during separation anxiety dog training?

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / May 3, 2022

Pre-departure cues, aka PDQs, are anything that may signal to your dog that an absence is coming and they are going to be home alone. These can be things that happen before you walk out the door, such as picking up keys, or things that happen after you leave the house, like driving away in…

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dog playing with food puzzle toy

The only time it is okay to use food when leaving our separation anxiety dog alone

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / May 1, 2022

In a previous blog post, we talked about why we don’t use food to train our dog with separation anxiety. So should you never give food when leaving your dog alone? Well there is one situation where leaving food when you’re leaving your dog alone may be beneficial.  In this situation, though, it is being…

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separation anxiety dog sitting on sofa

Why dog separation anxiety medication shouldn’t be viewed as a last resort

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / April 29, 2022

Some dog parents will say they want to try everything first before considering medication. They will search for or even see an ad for home remedies for separation anxiety in dogs.  Or maybe they will want to try CBD Oil for their dog’s separation anxiety. This post will talk about some of these available options.…

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separation anxiety dog looking for owner out window

If your separation anxiety dog is barking or howling, should you wait until that stops to re-enter your home?

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / April 28, 2022

You may have heard of the training concept, if you reinforce a behavior that behavior will increase. Take this example – you are enjoying dinner and your dog is barking at the table for leftover food. You give your dog some leftover table scraps. The next time you are eating, your dog will probably bark…

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