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Is it worth it to train if you can’t help your separation anxiety dog going over threshold

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / July 2, 2023

Imagine you’ve recently relocated to a new city, devoid of friends or family who can assist with your dog suffering from separation anxiety. Or perhaps your work schedule doesn’t align with the typical 9-5 routine, and you find yourself working overnight shifts when pet sitters or doggie daycare services are unavailable. You might be questioning…

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Comparing Apples and Oranges: Why You Shouldn’t Measure Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety Against Others

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / June 4, 2023

Dogs, much like their human counterparts, are diverse, multi-faceted beings with unique personalities, behaviors, and capabilities. One area where this is glaringly obvious is in how dogs handle separation anxiety. As a pet owner, it may be tempting to compare your dog’s progress with separation anxiety to that of others. However, making these comparisons can…

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The Journey Through Dog Separation Anxiety Training: Understanding the Ups and Downs

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / April 12, 2023

Dog separation anxiety is a complex issue that requires a nuanced approach to manage effectively. It’s a journey that involves patience, consistency, and a deep understanding of your dog’s needs and behaviors. However, it’s crucial to remember that the path to success isn’t always linear. There may be setbacks along the way, but these should…

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Leaving Your Separation Anxiety Dog with a Pet Sitter: Essential Questions to Ask

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / March 21, 2023

As a pet parent to a dog with separation anxiety, finding a suitable pet sitter can be a challenging task. You need to ensure that the person you entrust with your pet’s care is capable of handling the unique challenges that a dog with separation anxiety might present. Here are some crucial questions to ask…

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separation anxiety high impact crate

Debunking Quick Fixes for Dog Separation Anxiety: What Really Works

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / March 12, 2023

[Updated March 2023] In a world where instant gratification is often the norm, it’s understandable that pet owners would seek a quick solution to their dog’s separation anxiety. The distress that separation anxiety causes for both dogs and their owners can be significant, leading to a desperate search for an immediate remedy. However, when it…

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Unraveling Canine Behavior: Five Conditions That Can Mimic Dog Separation Anxiety

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / February 21, 2023

Separation anxiety in dogs is a prevalent concern for many pet owners. It manifests as signs of distress and problematic behaviors when the dog is left alone. However, it’s crucial to understand that not all signs of distress or unusual behavior necessarily point to separation anxiety. There are several other conditions and circumstances that can…

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Unique Strategies for Ensuring Your Dog with Separation Anxiety is Never Alone Longer than They Can Handle

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / January 27, 2023

Dog separation anxiety is a challenging issue that many pet owners face. It’s characterized by signs of distress when the dog is left alone, such as excessive barking, destructive behavior, and inappropriate elimination. While training and medication can help manage these symptoms, another effective strategy is to ensure that your dog is never left alone.…

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separation anxiety dog pre departure cue

We’ve been walking around our house all week picking up keys, but my dog still has separation anxiety

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / August 28, 2022

Does this sound familiar? Maybe a cousin or even a dog trainer, not certified in separation anxiety, suggested this. “Just walk around your house all day and randomly pick up your keys.” So you do this until your dog no longer reacts to you picking up the keys. Great, now you try to leave and…

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separation anxiety dogs looking out window for owner

Will getting a second dog help my dog with separation anxiety?

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / July 29, 2022

If you’re dealing with a dog suffering from separation anxiety, you might be considering the idea of bringing a second dog into your home. The thought process is understandable: if your dog doesn’t want to be alone, perhaps the companionship of another dog could alleviate their anxiety. However, the reality is that getting a second…

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dog looking out window for owners

Adding a second person to your Separation Anxiety training, here’s where that can get tricky

By Separation Anxiety Dog Pro / July 21, 2022

You’ve been doing great training your dog on your own while you were working from home. You’ve gotten up to 40 minutes without any signs of anxiety. Now your partner is home from work on vacation or your kid is home from college. You decide to train together and both leave at the same time.…

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