Useful Resources for your Dog Separation Anxiety

separation anxiety resources

Interested in learning more information about separation anxiety in dogs. On this page, you will find a collection of valuable articles, videos and books on the topic of separation anxiety.

separation anxiety dog looking anxiously out window for owner to return home

How To Help Your Dog Deal With Separation Anxiety When You Return To The Office  by Pat Miller, Whole Dog Journal

7 Separation Anxiety Myths by Nicole Wilde, Whole Dog Journal

Canine Separation Anxiety: Home Alone! An Anxious and Fearful Time for Some Dogs, by Sharon Campbell, Fear Free Happy Homes website

Fear Free at Home: Helping Dogs with Separation Anxiety, by Rachel Lees, Fear Free Pets website

Does your dog have separation anxiety?, by Moira Hechenleitner, Animal Wellness Magazine

Common Dog Behavior Issues: Separation Anxiety, ASPCA website

The Separation Anxiety Top 10 List, by Malena DeMartini, Smart Animal Training Systems website