When training a dog with separation anxiety, it’s best to hire a trainer who is certified and specializes in separation anxiety

separation anxiety dog waiting for owner to returnMaybe you’re thinking, separation anxiety is no different than any other dog behavior issue. Any dog trainer should know how to help my dog with their separation anxiety. Why do I need to hire a specialist for my dog’s separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety dog training has come a long way over the past few years. Just think, ten to fifteen years ago home security cameras were rare. It would be difficult to monitor your dog when they were home alone. And you would probably need to work with the local dog trainer down the block, since it would also be difficult to consult with a trainer remotely.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are getting comfortable with using technology and technology has been atwo dogs with separation anxiety at home game changer when it comes to training dogs with separation anxiety. Whether it is using video conferencing software to work with a trainer, monitoring your dog when alone using your camera manufacturer’s app, or using the Be Right Back SA Pro Trainer app to train and keep track of your progress, technology plays a vital role in separation anxiety dog training.

Some of the reasons you’d want to hire a certified separation anxiety training specialist for your dog:

  • Understands intrinsic difficulties of dog separation anxiety training
  • Understands dog body language as it relates to separation anxiety
  • Help you rule out other causes than aren’t separation anxiety
  • Gone through a rigorous program studying separation anxiety in dogs
  • Works with separation anxiety in dogs on a daily basis
  • Fully understands what does and does not work in dog separation anxiety cases

In conclusion, if you are struggling with your dog’s separation anxiety and are looking to hire a trainer, the best thing you can do for your dog is to hire a dog trainer who specializes and is certified in dog separation anxiety.

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