Technology used for Dog Separation Anxiety Training

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virtual dog training on laptop with dog sitting on chair

Since separation anxiety deals with your dog being comfortable with being left alone, it only makes sense that this type of training can't be held in person with a dog trainer.

As a result, all training sessions done with your trainer will be done in a virtual environment via Zoom video conferencing.

Afraid you don't have the technology for a successful session?

Here's what you need

Desktop or Laptop with Webcam, Tablet or Smartphone

Area of your home that has a good WiFi signal

Device to keep track of absence time (smart watch or stopwatch)

Additional items you will find helpful

Home security camera to monitor your dog during absence exercises

Still questioning whether Remote Online Training works?

Here's some of the benefits.

Convenience - Meet with your trainer in the comfort of your own home without the need for a trainer to enter your home.

Flexibility - Ability to schedule training around your work schedule. Training sessions available during the day as well as on some weekends and evenings.

Virtual Feedback - Feeling stuck? Record your sessions throughout the week for on-going feedback from your trainer.

Recording - Our weekly virtual training sessions can be recorded so you can go back and review at any time throughout your training program.

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